Tips to Keep Your Pet Calm During Grooming

A Close-up of a Nervous Pomeranian

Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows that no two dogs are alike.  Their temperaments, behaviors, and personalities fall on a spectrum just like with humans.  This comes into play with grooming, too.  Some dogs find grooming to be a relaxing and even fun experience.  Others find it very stressful.  This can be exacerbated […]

Dog Grooming Tips

A Dog is Being Bathed Outdoors in a Tub

Grooming your dog on a regular basis isn’t just about keeping them looking good.  Dog grooming also helps promote good hygiene in your four-legged friend, and is even valuable in creating a bond between you and your dog.  It’s the best way to spot potential problems in your pooch early on, and seek veterinary treatment […]