What to Do if Your Dog has Tremors or Shaking after Visiting the Groomer

A Small Pup Bundled Up

Pets, especially dogs, are awesome.  They bring light into our lives, create little funny moments for us to enjoy, and even serve as surrogate children or grandchildren for many owners.  However, as tuned in to our pets as we may be, it’s not always possible to understand what they are experiencing, or know what to […]

Tips for Dog Grooming During Winter

Three Dogs Playing in the Snow

Winter is a time when most people enjoy the various religious and secular holidays, spend lots of time indoors as the cold weather hits, and may even endure a few snow or ice storms.  Naturally, this means your pet pooch is spending more time indoors as well.  So, does this mean they won’t get dirty, […]

What to Do About Your Dog’s Irritated Skin after Grooming

A Pup Scratches his Irritated Skin

A common complaint that many pet owners have voiced over the years is that their dog appears to develop irritated skin after a visit to the groomers, a bath at home, or any similar activity.  Naturally, good pet owners want to deal with irritated skin after grooming and other activities, so that their pet isn’t […]

Dog Grooming Tips

A Dog is Being Bathed Outdoors in a Tub

Grooming your dog on a regular basis isn’t just about keeping them looking good.  Dog grooming also helps promote good hygiene in your four-legged friend, and is even valuable in creating a bond between you and your dog.  It’s the best way to spot potential problems in your pooch early on, and seek veterinary treatment […]